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47790 tnt 47712 with DBSO 9714, 6264, 977997 & 9481 at a wintery Barrow Upon Soar near Loughborough on 7.12.10 with 1Q13 0548 Derby RTC Derby RTC Serco working66704 at Barrow Upon Soar heading towards Loughborough on 22.6.10 with 4e80 1320 Hotchley Hill  -  Doncaster Down Decoy empty gypsum containers66709 wth Medite branding at Barrow Upon Soar, MML heading towards Loughborough on 28.6.10 with 4M82 1150 Doncaster Down Decoy - Hotchley Hill loaded Gypsum containers having ran via Humberstone Road,67029  Royal Diamond' with DVT 82146 at rear of the Management train at Barrow Upon Soar on 11.5.10 with 5Z05 1230 Toton - Leicester - Toton test run