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47237 at Stenson Junction on 28.1.08  with 5Z46 11.10 Loughborough Brush - Landore hauling support coach 6330 and refurbished powercar 4318060034 in Two Tone Light Dark Grey livery is seen at Stenson Junction on 21.3.08 with a diverted 6V92 1010 Corby BSC - Margam empty steel coil wagons due to Easter engineering works at Nuneaton TV60042 at Stenson Junction on 4.2.08 with 0715 Lindsey Oil Refinery - Kingsbury Oil Sidings loaded bogie oil tanks66530 at Stenson Junction on 21.3.08 with 6Z28 1040 Stapleford - West Ealing  departmental consisting of a number of track machines